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Motorcycle fender mould


The thickness of motorcycle fender plastic parts is almost uniform and dimensional accuracy in general. So the combination of these strengths and weaknesses, determine material selection ABS.


Motorcycle fender mould analysis

1. Material: ABS.

2. Color: white pearl

3 production volume: medium batch

4 parts diagram: Figure 1

Motorcycle fender parts drawing


The design of motorcycle fender injection mould


Plastic parts have chosen ABS as the material, we according to the relevant properties of ABS engineering plastics for the analysis of motorcycle fender mould process.


Analysis the process of the structure


① Shrinkage was 0.55 (average value of 0.4 to 0.7).

② Poor material flow.

③ Difficult to decompose, not brittle.

④ The plastic parts more complex structure, small size, wall thickness is almost uniform.

⑤ High surface hardness and toughness.

⑥ Prone to poor filling, shrinkage, weld lines.

⑦ Overflow edge is 0.04 to 0.05mm, medium viscosity.


Determine the way of motorcycle fender injection mould


According to the characteristics of molds and plastic own performance, we identified injection mode.

① In the process temperature should be high pressure injection methods to increase mobility, reduce stress and improve transparency.

② In the mold design and manufacture. To minimize the flow resistance of the gating system, a smooth introduction agency force should be balanced; the mold cavity surface roughness is smaller, pay attention to the exhaust.


This plastic part using one module and two cavity mold production. To estimate the volume is 28cm3. PURROS primaries injection machine model is XS-Z-30.




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